Physical modeling of behaviors of cast-in-place concrete piled raft compared to free-standing pile group in sand

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Similar to free-standing pile groups, piled raft foundations are conventionally designed in which the piles
carry the total load of structure and the raft bearing capacity is not taken into account. Numerous studies
indicated that this method is too conservative. Only when the pile cap is elevated from the ground level,
the raft bearing contribution can be neglected. In a piled raft foundation, pileesoileraft interaction is
complicated. Although several numerical studies have been carried out to analyze the behaviors of piled
raft foundations, very few experimental studies are reported in the literature. The available laboratory
studies mainly focused on steel piles. The present study aims to compare the behaviors of piled raft
foundations with free-standing pile groups in sand, using laboratory physical models. Cast-in-place
concrete piles and concrete raft are used for the tests. The tests are conducted on single pile, single
pile in pile group, unpiled raft, free-standing pile group and piled raft foundation.We examine the effects
of the number of piles, the pile installation method and the interaction between different components of
foundation. The results indicate that the ultimate bearing capacity of the piled raft foundation is
considerably higher than that of the free-standing pile group with the same number of piles. With
installation of the single pile in the group, the pile bearing capacity and stiffness increase. Installation of
the piles beneath the raft decreases the bearing capacity of the raft. When the raft bearing capacity is not
included in the design pro

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