The use of knowledge management practices by Brazilian startup companie

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To be competitive in current knowledge economy, startup companies should effectively use available knowledge to implement their developmentstrategies. Consequently, it is necessary to identify which knowledge management (KM) practices are used by startup companies. This paperaims to identify KM practices used to overcome critical factors of startups’ development in Brazil. It will be discussed the relation between thecritical factors of startup development and the KM practices used. Interviews were conducted with startups established in business incubators in thesouthern region of Brazil. Results demonstrated that the main KM practices used to overcome critical factors of startup development – OpportunityRecognition, Entrepreneurial Commitment, Credibility and Sustainability – are related to company’s internal knowledge. Internal knowledge is acompany asset, which includes not only R&D activities but also its actions and routines. An important remark was that even though startups arenot aware of KM practices, they have organized routines and standards aligned with current KM theories.

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