Social media use for CRM and business performance satisfaction: The moderating roles of social skills and social media sales intensity

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The present study explored the association between the intensity of social media use for customer
relationship management (CRM) and the business performance satisfaction of Thai microenterprises. The
survey data were collected from 217 owners of the small shops at major marketplaces in Thailand. The
results from partial least square regression analysis showed that the entrepreneurs who used social
media intensively for CRM tended to report higher satisfaction with their business performance.
Furthermore, the results from the moderating effect analyses found that the positive relationship between
social media use intensity for CRM and business performance satisfaction tended to be significantly
higher for the entrepreneurs who exhibited lower levels of social competency in business, as well
as for the companies that generated more sales from social media. The main findings of this research
provide practical implications for microenterprise entrepreneurs. Given that communication in social
media tends to involve less interpersonal interactions than face-to-face communication, using social
media for CRM activities might be essential in enabling entrepreneurs with low social competency to
interact with customers to improve customer satisfaction. Also, this finding implies that using social
media for CRM tends to be more crucial for companies that primarily target customers who are social
media users.

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