Role of information cycles in construction of a wind farm power plant project

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Information cycle contains techniques and tools utilized to collect, combine, and distribute the output of the processes involved in project management. Information cycle in construction (ICC) are systems which assist project managers in implementation of projects. An ICC is capable of dramatically improving processes throughout projects. Information cycle in wind farms is an innovative solution for analyzing and measurement data in management of wind farms execution. This research was carried out as a case study on Kahak wind farm power plant (KWFPP) project which is a renewable project. This paper presents the effects of information cycle in construction on project management in KWFPP project. This paper aims to determine the possible effects of information cycle in construction on project management in this renewable project. In this article, along with presenting a model, the status of project management system in KWFPP project will be evaluated and examined. The findings of the research suggest that ICC significantly contributes to great achievements and efficiency of the project management and KWFPP project.

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کلمات کلیدی : Information cycle in construction (ICC); Renewable projects; Wind farm power plant, Project Management
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