Customer relationship management and big data enabled: Personalization & customization of services

چکیده مقاله :
The emergence of big data brings a new wave of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)’s strategies
in supporting personalization and customization of sales, services and customer services. CRM needs big
data for better customers experiences especially personalization and customization of services. Big data
is a popular term used to describe data that is volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value of data both
structured and unstructured. Big data requires new tools and techniques to capture, store and analyse it
and is used to improve decision making for enhancing customer management. The aim of the research is
to examine big data for CRM’s scenario. The method of collection of data for this study was literature
review and thematic analysis from recent studies. The study reveals that CRM with big data has enabled
business to become more aggressive in term of marketing strategy like push notification through smartphone
to their potential target audiences.

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