Linear programming applications in construction sites

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More issues in construction management were found especially for decision making that
related to the Arabian construction management office requirements. Operation research especially
linear programming models considered one of the most important tool used in optimization appli-
cations at many fields of production engineering and mass production, also linear programming
applications was developed to construction engineering field. This paper presents a linear program-
ming technique to spotlight decision making application for optimizing competitive bidding strat-
egy to select best tender as shown in real case study. Therefore, project manager or decision maker
can use this concept for getting the best project cost. This paper give linear programming concepts
that are reviewed to describe recent linear programming component which had large focus on
related time-cost and time problems for studied project. Linear programming models are formu-
lated to solve various cost and time problems by using LINDO software. The developed models
had many limitations and restrictions for studied project. Construction managers can use it to
explore more possible opportunities to predict influence of decision for construction to facilitate
preferred different management objectives. Linear programming implementation shows the practice
of wide variety for construction problems especially cost with time issues and it is more applicable
to generate a shortest computational effort and time with low cost.

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