Traffic Management using Logistic Regression with Fuzzy Logic

چکیده مقاله :
Traffic congestion is one of the major problems in most of the cities across the globe and it leads to several other problems like
pollution, time wastage, long traffic queues on roads and may cause accidents. Improvement of Road infrastructure is not always
the feasible solution to resolve the problem. In real life scenario shorter distance route towards the destination attracts majority of
people and at times it may aggravate traffic jam conditions. Therefore, a real time traffic information for intelligent decision
making to decide the route preference is required. Moreover, a system which considers the factor of distance towards the
destination along with real time traffic situation on that route will add to the solution to the congestion problem. certain
parameters such as distance, weather condition, road location, day of week and time are considered to formulate the problem and
to find solutions to these problems This paper outlines a combination of logistic regression with fuzzy logic such that a smart
decision to preferred path can be taken. It is used to compute the probability of each possible path by considering the real time
traffic information, distance and road condition and later is used to take decisions in an uncertain scenario. Proposed Method
considers the number of parameters like distance, weather condition, road location, day of week and time

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کلمات کلیدی : Logistic regression ;Traffic management; congestion; fuzzy logic; optimization algorithm; fuzzy controller
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