Charge Current Controlled Single Phase Integrated Switched Mode Power factor Correction Converter

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Integration of converters reduces the number of control switches and increases the power handling capacity. Charge current control have the features like fast dynamic response, design of compensator is easy and low switching noise, so this controller is applicable for power factor correction application. In this paper analysis, design and implementation of charge current controlled integrated buck flayback converter is proposed. A universal range of ac input (90-230V), 48V dc output, 100W load, 100 KHz switching frequency integrated converter is implemented using MATLAB/ Simulink software. Experimental results conform and validate the analysis.

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سال انتشار:2017
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نویسندگان/توضیحات : Mr. Mopidevi Subbarao, Ch. Sai Babu, S. Satyanarayana
تاریخ ارسال : 1397/10/09
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کلمات کلیدی : Charge current controlIntegrated converterPFCSwitched Mode Power Converter
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