Fuzzy logic modelling of the impact of using technology on anxiety and aggression levels of students

چکیده مقاله :
Using technology such as mass media, mobile technology and the internet has positive and negative effects. In this research, the
effect of using technology on aggression and anxiety levels of students was investigated using fuzzy logic approach. In order to
evaluate the effect of technology use on students’ aggression and anxiety levels, 100 students from the Faculty of Education of
Near East University (North Cyprus) invited to participate in this study. Psychological variables were gathered using the
“Technology use habits”, “Effect of Social media”, “Role of technology in daily life”, “Educational use”, “Communication use”
and “Continuous - State Anxiety Inventory" Questionnaires. Application of fuzzy logic in this study allows researchers to handle
the imprecision and vagueness inherence of input data and develop the more reliable model for computing input-output relations.

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کلمات کلیدی : Technology; anxiety; aggression; education; fuzzification; defuzzification; inference system
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