Thermodynamics and phase transition in Shapere–Wilczek fghmodel: Cosmological time crystal in quadratic gravity

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The Shapere–Wilczek model [1], or so called fghmodel, enjoys the remarkable features of a Time Crystal (TC) that has a non-trivial time dependence in its lowest energy state (or the classical ground state). We construct a particular form of fghmodel (with specified f, g, hfunctions) that is derived from a Mini-superspace version of a quadratic f(R, Rμν)gravity theory. Main part of the investigation deals with thermodynamic properties of such systems from classical statistical mechanics perspective. Our analysis reveals the possibility of a phase transition. Because of the higher (time) derivative nature of the model computation of the partial function is non-trivial and requires newly discovered techniques. We speculate about possible connection between our model and the Multiverse scenario.

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