Fuzzy logic based adaptive duty cycling for sustainability in energy harvesting sensor actor networks

چکیده مقاله :
In an energy harvesting sensor actor network, a node recharges its battery from harvestable sources, such
as solar, wind and vibrations. Sustainability of the network till next recharge time is one of the most
important challenges in harvesting sensor networks. In this paper, a fuzzy based adaptive duty cycling
algorithm has been proposed to achieve the network sustainability in harvesting sensor actor networks.
In this work, current residual energy, predicted harvesting energy (for a futuristic time slot) and predicted
residual energy parameters are considered as fuzzy input variables to estimate duty cycle for a sensor
node. In this work, a harvesting model has been adopted to predict the harvesting energy. Further, residual
energy has been estimated for future time slot using predicted harvesting energy, energy consumption
model and current residual energy. Simulation results are presented to show the efficacy of the
proposed mechanism by considering network sustainability metrics, such as number of rounds in which
network is connected, the round at which first node dies, maximum number of dead nodes and average
number of received packets at the actor node.

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کلمات کلیدی : Wireless sensor and actor networks Energy harvesting nodes Network sustainability Duty cycle Fuzzy logic
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