Use of fuzzy logic for measuring practices and performances of supply chain

چکیده مقاله :
The objective of this research is to show an innovative way for processing the collected data and measurement of
practice and performances of supply chain by means of transformation of the obtained linguistic values, using
the appropriate fuzzy methods, into crisp values of research variable dimensions.
The methodology was applied for the measurement of the influence of an independent supply chain practice
variable on the dependent supply chain performance variable and the research included the food industry
companies. In order to apply the multivariate analysis methods, it is necessary to have the dimensions of the
variable, but not the claims. Fuzzy logic enables the weighting of each claim and determining its weight, and
determining the research variable dimension value in order to be able to use the multivariate analysis methods.
The use of this methodology enables realistic evaluation of the dimensions and the results obtained show a
statistically significant influence proving to be suitable for further testing using various statistical methods. The
hypotheses about the relationships between supply chain practices and supply chain performances are confirmed.

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