Random checkerboard based homogenization for estimating effective thermal conductivity of fully saturated soils

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This paper proposes homogenization scheme for estimating the effective thermal conductivity of fully
saturated soils. This approach is based on the random checkerboard-like microstructure. Two modeling
scales and two modeling approaches are distinguished and used, i.e. microscale and mesoscale and 1-
step and 2-step homogenizations, respectively. The 2-step homogenization involves sequential averaging procedure, i.e. first, at microscale, a mineralogical composition of soil skeleton is considered and
averaging process results in estimation of the skeleton effective thermal conductivity, and then, at
mesoscale, a random spatial packing of solid skeleton and pores via random checkerboard microstructure is modeled and leads to evaluation of the soil overall thermal conductivity. The 1-step homogenization starts directly at the mesoscale and homogenization procedure yields evaluation of the overall soil
thermal conductivity. At the mesoscale, the distinct nature of soil skeleton, as composed of soil separates,
is considered and random variability of soil is modeled via enriched random checkerboard-like structure.
Both approaches, i.e. 1-step and 2-step homogenizations, interrelate mineralogical composition with the
soil texture characterized by the volume fractions of soil separates, i.e. sand, silt and clay. The probability
density functions (PDFs) of thermal conductivity are assumed for each of the separates. The soil texture
PDF of thermal conductivity is derived taking into consideration the aforementioned functions. Whenever the random checkerboard-like structure is used i

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