Urban expansion induced vulnerability assessment of East Kolkata Wetland using Fuzzy MCDM method

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Wetlands provide multi-dimensional services to the society and environment but recent anthropogenic interference
becomes a threat for the conservation of existing wetlands. Wetlands adjacent to megacities of South
Asian countries are mostly affected by numerous adverse environmental impact of rapid urban development. The
East Kolkata Wetland located adjacent to the Kolkata megacity is also struggling for its existence as the Kolkata
megacity is growing rapidly by converting its surrounding areas to urban landscapes. Encroachment of settlements
identified through land use change analysis that makes EKW more vulnerable. Vulnerability assessment is
an essential part of formulating any conservation strategies. This study tries to identify the wetland conversion
vulnerable areas within the East Kolkata Wetland. Well established Fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making approach
is applied by incorporating different wetland conversion influencing factors and knowledge-based approach
and the result shows near about 60% areas are lying in high to very high-vulnerable zones. This high
vulnerability condition demands immediate plan formulation for protecting this ecologically rich wetland. The
wetland areas which are adjacent to already develop urban built-up belongs to high and very high vulnerable
zones. Validation of the result is required for understanding the applicability of Fuzzy MCDM method and for
formulating an appropriate plan. In this study Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) is used to evaluate the
result, where, Area Under Curve (AUC) accounts for 93.7% which indicates

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کلمات کلیدی : East Kolkata Wetland Urban growth Fuzzy inference system Wetland vulnerable areas Multi-criteria decision making
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