Fashion retail supply chain management: A review of operational models

چکیده مقاله :
Over the past decades, we have witnessed the rapid development of giant fashion brands in the retail market
which inspires a lot of operational research (OR) studies in fashion retail supply chains (FRSCs). In fact, FRSCs
are highly consumer-demand driven and face many operational challenges coming from high demand and
supply side uncertainties. Realizing the significance of fashion retail supply chain management (FRSCM) and a
lack of comprehensive review on the topic, we develop this paper which examines the operational models on
FRSCM in the mainstream OR literature. We organize this review systematically with respect to the core
functional areas of FRSCs, namely the manufacturer, retailer, consumer, and fashion retail supply chain system.
In each functional area, insights regarding the related studies as well as the specific OR model features and
assumptions are generated. Finally, we conclude the review by summarizing the major findings and proposing
promising future research areas (from both OR modeling and practical perspectives).

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