Relationship between compressive and tensile strengths of roller-compacted concrete

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The abstract roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a zero slump concrete comprising the
same materials as that of conventional concrete with different proportions. The RCC must
be compacted to reach its final form. The effects of hydration and aggregate interlock on its
strength are considerable. For similar binder contents, the compressive strength of the RCC
is generally higher than that of the conventional concrete; however, the tensile strength of
RCC may not be superior to that of the conventional concrete. Adequate tensile strength is
necessary to resist fatigue cracking, particularly in pavement applications. However, the
compressive strength is frequently used in assessing the quality control and quality
assurance of pavements. Therefore, the relationship between the compressive and tensile
strengths of the RCC should be analyzed. Unfortunately, only a few studies have been
conducted on this relationship.
The objective of this study is to identify the difference between the indirect tensile
strengths of the RCC and those of the conventional concrete as well as develop relationship
equations to evaluate the compressive and tensile strengths. In this study, regression
equations are developed to estimate the indirect tensile strengths, which are known as
flexural and splitting tensile strengths, using the compressive strength of the RCC. The
results show that the flexural strength of the RCC is within the predicted values obtained
from the conventional concrete equations for a given compressive strength. In contrast,
the splitting tensile strength of the RCC is relatively

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