A Model for Humanitarian Supply Chain: An Operation Research Approach

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The study presents a mathematical model for identification of the optimum location of a temporary or fixed facility in a certain geographic area being studied. Particularly, it is applied to Humanitarian Supply Chain where it seeks to identify the best location of temporary relief center operations in order to optimize the delivery of relief goods to the randomly dispersed evacuation centers. The paper seeks to optimize the movement of relief goods by minimizing the total transportation cost using Operation Research approach with the integration of Center of Gravity method. The center of gravity approach aims to locate a facility where it reflects equality of distances and demand volume in a network of customers’ locations.

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نویسندگان/توضیحات : مقاله ISI سال انتشار2018 \ Ma. Teodora E. Gutierrez ab Jose Edgar S. Mutuc b
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کلمات کلیدی : Humanitarian Supply Chain Operation Research Center of Gravity Method Facility Location Planning
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