Potential applications of nanotechnology in transportation: A review

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Nanotechnology is the building of structurers at nanoscale at the order 109 m. A significant development
in the field of transportation will put an imprint in the development of our society. Therefore industries
are now heavily investing in researches and developments in order to develop safety, environment
friendliness, comfort and outstanding transportation systems. In this paper we will discuss the recent
applications of nanotechnology in transportation field which include nanofilters, anti-glare coatings, carbon
black in tyres, GMR sensors, fuel additives, dirt protection, nanocatalysts etc. Some interesting nanotechnological
applications like nanosteel, low friction aggregate components, switchable materials,
glare free wiper free glasses, environmental multisensors, situation adapted driving mode are in the room
of research which will become realistic in very future.

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