Analysis of the adoption rate of Building Information Modeling [BIM] and its Return on Investment [ROI]

چکیده مقاله :
In an effort to remedy the issue of stagnant labor productivity in the construction industry, Building Information Modeling was
proposed in the late 80’s as a new solution for streamlining the design and delivery process of construction projects. BIM is a
digital representation of a building meant to serve all project participants as a repository of all relevant data throughout the project’s
lifecycle. Management of this data along with the collaborative nature of BIM has been shown to offer many potential benefits to
those involved in the project. Despite the huge potential for increasing productivity as well as the overall efficiency of construction
projects, the adoption of BIM throughout the industry has been observed as slower than expected. This paper explores and analyzes
the various barriers hindering the widespread adoption of BIM throughout the industry as well as proposes methods for addressing
them. The author then answers the question of who should be responsible for driving the adoption of BIM and how to effectively
do it. Finally the author proposes areas of further research and development which will assist in achieving a more widespread
adoption of BIM throughout the industry.

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کلمات کلیدی : Building Information Modeling; Adoption Rate; Barriers; Return on Investment.
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