The role of building information modeling (BIM) in delivering the sustainable building value

چکیده مقاله :
The value of a sustainable building is the quality of building performance delivered to solve problems of consumers – developers,
owners, and building users – within the constraints of time and cost of resources used to deliver the quality. The delivery of functional,
environmentally responsible and liveable, maintainable and easy to operate, safe and secure building will solve consumers’ problems. The
difficulty of delivering the required sustainable building value to consumers is due to several building delivery professionals working in
silos – fragmentation. This paper discusses the role of building information modeling (BIM) in reducing the fragmentation among
professionals at each and across building delivery stages using evidences from the literature. It is evident from the literature that
BIM provides a virtual repository that allows easy access to and sharing of information and knowledge in real time. Thus, BIM provides
a platform for professionals to work in an integrated environment at any stage of the building delivery process. However, the maximization
of the benefits BIM provides through the virtual repository depends on the contracting method adopted for the building delivery.
The identification of knowledge gained and gap from the literature led to suggestion of future research direction needed to improve the
delivery of sustainable building value to the consumers.

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