A systematic review for the determination and classification of the CRM critical success factors supporting with their metrics

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The successful implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) is not easy and seems to be a complex task. Almost about 70%
of all CRM implementation projects fail to achieve their expected objectives. Therefore, most researchers and information systems developers
concentrate on the critical success factors approach which can enhance the success of CRM implementation and turn the failure and drawbacks
faced CRM into successful CRM systems adoption and implementation. In this paper, the number of the previous studies is reviewed to
demonstrate the barriers behind this high failure rate. In addition, an extensive review is conducted in order to identify and prioritize the critical
success factors (CSFs) that if the organizations are aware of and have knowledge of them properly; they will achieve success and will obtain the
expected benefits of their CRM initiative. And then, an extensive CSFs classification is proposed. Finally, the work proposes an extensive list of
metrics as the means to help in measuring these critical success factors

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