Prediction of the radiative heat transfer in small and large scale oxy-coal furnaces

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Predicting thermal radiation for oxy-coal combustion highlights the importance of the radiation models for the
spectral properties of gases and particles. This study numerically investigates radiation behaviours in small and
large scale furnaces through refined radiative property models, using the full-spectrum correlated k (FSCK)
model and Mie theory based data, compared with the conventional use of the weighted sum of grey gases
(WSGG) model and the constant values of the particle radiation properties. Both oxy-coal combustion and airfired
combustion have been investigated numerically and compared with combustion plant experimental data.
Reasonable agreements are obtained between the predicted results and the measured data. Employing the refined
radiative property models achieves closer predicted heat transfer properties to the measured data from
both furnaces. The gas-phase component of the radiation energy source term obtained from the FSCK property
model is higher within the flame region than the values obtained by using the conventional methods. The impact
of using non-grey radiation behaviour of gases through the FSCK is enhanced in the large scale furnace as the
predicted gas radiation source term is approximately 2–3 times that obtained when using the WSGG, while the
same term is in much closer agreement between the FSCK and the WSGG for the pilot-scale furnace. The predicted
total radiation source term (from both gases and particles) is lower in the flame region after using the
refined models, which results in a hotter flame (approximately 50–150 K higher in this

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Authors / Descriptions(نویسندگان/توضیحات): Xin Yanga, Alastair Clementsa, Jلnos Szuhلnszkia, Xiaohong Huangb, Oscar Farias Moguela, Jia Lia, Jon Gibbinsa, Zhaohui Liub, Chuguang Zhengb, Derek Inghama, Lin Maa,., Bill Nimmoa, Mohamed Pourkashaniana
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