Thermal resistance matching for thermoelectric cooling systems

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The demand of compactness and light-weight for thermoelectric applications requires optimized system integration
of thermoelectric module and heat sinks to achieve the best performance under size and weight
constraints. This work studies the thermal resistance matching (i.e., optimal thermal resistance allocation of
thermoelectric module and heat sinks) for real thermoelectric cooling systems via an integrated theoretical and
experimental method. A theoretical model is first developed to study the relationship of thermal resistance
allocation and the system cooling power under different operating currents. Modeling results indicate that the
optimal thermal resistance of thermoelectric module should account for 40–70% of the total thermal resistance.
The effectiveness of thermal resistance matching is then demonstrated in the selection of an optimal thermoelectric
module among 73 off-the-shelf modules to develop a portable thermoelectric cooling system. By comparing
the cooling performance of two thermoelectric cooling systems with and without thermal resistance
matching, it is experimentally demonstrated that the system with thermal resistance matching achieved
10.7–19.8% larger cooling power under the same size and weight constraints. This can be used as a guideline for
optimal design of thermoelectric cooling systems

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Authors / Descriptions(نویسندگان/توضیحات): Xing Lua,b,1, Dongliang Zhaob,1, Ting Maa, Qiuwang Wanga,⁎, Jintu Fanc,⁎, Ronggui Yangb
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