Location and Allocation Optimization for Integrated Decisions on Post-Disaster Waste Supply Chain Management: On-site and Off-s Separation for Recyclable Materials

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Post-disaster waste management is one of the most important operational
management systems that have been developed to help affected communities
recover and restore conditions back to a stable situation after a disaster. An
effective post-disaster waste management strategy still needs to be further
developed for optimum efficiency. Hence, this paper aims to present the
developed system of post-disaster waste supply chain management strategy
(PWSCM) along with the integrated decision-making system for the on-site and
off-site separation of recyclable materials. A mathematical model of mixedinteger
linear programming is proposed in which the objective aims are to
minimize the financial effects through assessment of the fixed costs and variable
costs, RSR (Reduction, Separation and Recycling) costs, and the penalty costs
associated with the negative environmental and human effects of post-disaster
scenarios and to maximize revenue from any sellable waste. The proposed model
considers all networks in the debris operation process that consists of waste
collection and separation sites, processing and recycling sites, disposal sites and
market sites. Moreover, the RSR technologies have also been considered in the
proposed model. Due to the limitations of competence of an exact solution
method for such a large problem, this study also presents two effective
metaheuristic approaches with particular encoding and decoding schemes;
Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Differential Evolution (DE) to solve
PWSCM. Finally, the numerical tests for PWSCM improvement will be
discussed. The

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Authors / Descriptions(نویسندگان/توضیحات): Chawis Boonmee*, Mikiharu Arimura, and Takumi Asada
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Key words (کلمات کلیدی): location-allocation optimization, post-disaster waste management, mathematical model, metaheuristic
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