Controlled variable analysis of counter flow heat exchangers based on thermodynamic derivation

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To optimize the controlled variable of counter flow heat exchanger, T-Q diagram inducing entropy angle
and thermal capacity angle is used to analyze heat exchange process. The results show that selecting stream
outlet temperature as controlled variable is incapable of perceiving overall variation of thermal capacity
flow rates. The change of heat exchanger effectiveness isn’t completely consistent with heat transfer
irreversibility, and cannot reflect the effect of remanent (flow-imbalance) irreversibility. The terminal
temperature difference imposed by heat transfer irreversibility is the same at both ends. However,
the remanent irreversibility makes the terminal temperature difference of one end deviate from the
other. Based on maximizing the heat exchange amount and minimizing the irreversible loss, a new
controlled variable named as heat exchanger comprehensive effectiveness is constructed, which is easy
to be measured and calculated. It can reflect the effect of heat exchanger effectiveness, remanent
irreversibility, and heat transfer irreversibility simultaneously.

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(توضیحات تکمیلی) :
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